The staggering on going count of NON-BIODEGRADABLE plastic bags at the above is the up to date indicator of the plastic bags given to the U.S. shoppers, beginning January 01, of this year across the United States. - Each year a shocking quantity of 916,981,973,789 plastic bags are trashed, in U.S. alone, polluting and poisoning Land-fields, the Air and our Waters.

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The Tree Huggers of America Presents A List of Simple, Money Saving, Healthy, Environmentally Eco Friendly And Safe Solutions We Can All Use, Right Now. The sole purpose of our organization is to inform the public and protect our one and only home, our environment, Planet Earth. Please join us, and become a proud member and supporter of the Tree Huggers of America. We would welcome your volunteered time and tax-deductible contributions to further this cause of putting out the blazing flames of Global Warring and Global Warming.

Become a proud Tree Hugger; invite your loved ones, family and friends to join you, to help create your own Tree Huggers local chapter. Show your love and appreciations for Mother Nature. Hug a Tree, wrap your body around a tree, hug a tree and express your feelings of love for our Mother Nature by hugging one of her life sustaining and life supporting trees. - Take a few pictures and write a short story about your love of Mother Nature. - We will create a chapter under your name: Tree Huggers of (Name of your town, or state) on Tree Huggers of America’s website for all to see, be proud of you and take inspiration to do the same.

Tree Huggers of America is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, which means that, your membership contribution is fully tax-deductible. To help Tree Huggers of America and to become a partner / supporter, one could begin with a small contribution of 1 hour, and 1 dollar a day. This money will be used to spread the Tree Huggers message of environmental protection and safeguards.

BBC environment correspondent David Shukman reports on the plastic peril...

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"I Am Only A Child"

Must Watch This 6 Minute Video

13 year old Severm Suzuki, plead for the future of her generation.

"Even when we have more than enough, we are afraid to share."

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Tree Huggers of America
P.O. Box 607
New York, NY 10021-0013

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Tree Huggers Of America